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This series 'The Moths and Butterflies of Great Britain and Ireland', affectionately known as MOGBI, started in the 1970's when the first 4 volumes were illustrated by Brian Hargreaves. I continued as illustrator from 1989, completing a further 5 volumes, until the last was published in 2002. Since then, the series has been taken over by Apollo Books and then by Brill. It has now been decided to illustrate future volumes photographically (it's cheaper than employing me).

The remaining original plates are:

  • Volume 3 - plates 16, 17
  • Volume 4 part 2 - plate 1

The image area of each plate is approximately 12"x10" making the framed picture about 22"x20" - £350 each signed, unframed

(discolouration at the sides of the plates are on the scan, not on the plate itself)

Vol 3 plate 16

Vol 4 pt 2 plate 1

Volume 3 plate17

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